Captain Phab

Water and stain repellent

Suitable for natural or synthetic fabrics, Sunbrella and Topgun
Long lasting superior performance that rivals national brands costing more than twoce as much
Great for interior and exterior applications
Captain Phab water repellent keeps your new purchase – looking like new, and revives aging materials. For: boat tops, Tents, Awnings, Carpet, Cushionjs and Vehicles.
Proven to extend fabric life
Product is safe of freeborn particulates after application and PFOA free
Captain Phab water repellent prevents water penetration and maintains fabric felxibility and allows fabric to brethe after application
Dries to an odorless and clear non toxic finish and withstands repeated flexing.
Contains ultra violet blockers for greater protection againsht fabric degradation and rotting. Repels water and seals out moisture for better mildew control.
Does not attract dirt
Does not discolour fabric
Product is very highly concentrated high solids formulation that will give professional, noticable results with a long lasting life cycle
The first step to mold prevention is to keep fabric dry : free from moisture
caused by condensation and precipitation
Coverage: 935ml ( 31.6 ounces ) will cover 150 to 180 sq. ft
4L  ( 1.14 gal ) will cover 800 to 1080 sq. ft.
Applications: Synthetic or natural fabrics,
Boat tops, tents, awnings, cushions, pop up trailers, mattresses, carpeting, frapes, outdoor wear, backpacks and rainwear
Product should be applied anually or biannually depending upon exposure and use



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