Captain Phab

From the beginning, the nautical flags on Captain Phab products have spelt out "fresh approach, fresh ideas". This mindset has led to many innovative and environmentally sustainable products which address the unique challenges and concerns of the Marine and R.V. Industries. Captain Phab is proud that many of our products carry our “Green Tree” logo, which designates the product as "environmentally friendly" to our highest standards standards. This is assurance for you and your customers that our products meet our stringent standards for being environmentally sustainable, biodegradable and formulated for minimal aquatic toxicity. Our products are consistent with the reputation Captain Phab products have earned over the past three decades ... “They Really Work”. Captain Phab is committed to becoming the most trusted brand of authentic, safe and environmentally responsible products for healthy recreational care products.

Lloyds: A Canadian Environmental story, more than 100 years in the making. Lloyds Laboratories was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1919 as a manufacturer of both quality, unique cleaning and lubricating products with a vision to the future and a responsibility to the environment. We have continued to build on that foundation and today offer a wide variety of superior products. We believe there is no place in the market for mediocre products.

Gelcote International is proudly part of the trusted Capt Phab brand. For more than 25 years Gelcote International has been recognized as the industry leader for the highest quality gelcoat, fiberglass and epoxy adhesive products and repair kits on the market. Our mission is to build on the history of product excellence and to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and services to our customers in the marine, RV, automotive and the tub & shower industry.