Captain Phab

Xtreme Clean – Works Wonders….where others won’t

Readily Biodegradable
Contains no solvents
No phosphates
100% concentrate
No flash point
No alcohol ethoxylates
Leaves no residue
Can be used in parts washer
No Noxious Odors
Non Toxic

A heavy duty water based degreaser that can be diluted 1:100 with water.
Based on 100% plant based surfactants.
Cleans and degreases for all heavy duty applications
Cleans baked on petroleum stains, dirt and corrosion from metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, formica, stainless steel, chrome, copper, mildew and acid rain
For best result be sure to thoroughly wet area with water before applying, as product is water activated and highly concentrated
Works wonders where others wont
Superior performance with a down to earth price
Xtreme clean breaks down gasoline and oil droplets so that they can be more effectively biodegraded by natural bacteria
These products meet OSHA/WHMIS safety standards.
The ingredients are readily biodegradable according to the test criteria of O.C.E.D. 301D



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