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N.E.W. System silicone sealant

12 months shelf life
Above waterline only on marine applications
Extra mildew resistance
Stretches up to 50%
Highly resistant to solvents, sunlights and weathering
Superior adhesion to PVC, gelcoat, glass and most plastics
Waterproof and remains flexible from -45 to 226.
Extra mildew preventative has been added  to ensure a longer, useful life.
Excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight, solvents & weathering.
Will stretch up to 50% to better accomodate movement, expansion and contraction
Superior adherence to gel coat, glass and other difficult surfaces.
Virtually odorless
Applications: RV windows, doors and appliance fittings.
All parts of galley, head and electrical insulation.
Excellent for most plastics, outdoor sealing and joining


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