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N.E.W. System Sealant

18 month self life
Marine grade
Fully waterproof above and below the waterline
Flexible, Non-yellowning
UV resistant
Sandable, Paintable
Resists temperatures up to 121
N.E.W. System sealant high performance sealant / adhesive is fast curing and fast skinning ( skin forming time 10 minutes, open time greater than 15 minutes, workability time up to 6 hours, full cure approx. 12 hours)
N.E.W system sealant combines the adhesion mechanical properties of a urethane plus permanent flexibility and UV resistance.
N.E.W system sealant exhibits superior adhesion to plastic, all metals including aluminum, teak, fiberglass, rubber with no primer when applied to clean , dry surfaces.
N.E.W.  System Sealant is non-yellowning, sandable, and plaintable, solventless, free from in-grassing and has outstanding temperature resistance.
Isocyanate free.
A multi-purpose marine grade sealant with superior strength, adhesion, elongnation and life characteristics.
Can be wet sanded and painted after curing
Flexibility and compression capabilities are excellent
Heavy duty use above or below the waterline.
Twists, bends, expands and compresses.
Seals ports and deck hardware
Stops leaks.
Adheres tenaciously without primers to fiberglass, glass, plastic, metal and wood.



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